NASA Technology to Aid in Disaster Relief

NASA has developed radar technology that helps first-responders find victims in disaster situations. The new technology is called Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response (FINDER). It’s capable of detecting individuals buried under or trapped behind varying meters and densities of debris. In open space it can locate people as far as 30 meters away. FINDER would give responders a greater margin of time for finding injured or trapped people and effectively treating them.

FINDER works by reading the patterns that bounce back from debris using radar microwave signals. There are some complications when it comes to analyzing wreckage. In situations where storms have produced shattered wreckage, signals can get crossed by the overstimulation of surfaces. However, algorithms help to weed out the oversaturation of signals and isolate human movement like the rise and fall of a victim’s chest.

The FINDER detection is tailored specifically to human signals so that it doesn’t inadvertently pick up signals coming from animals or other moving factors, like trees or debris. There have been many instruments developed to help disaster relief, from clean-up resources to transportation vehicles, but FINDER is the most precise prototype built to target and locate trapped disaster victims.

What Women Should Know About NuvaRing

Though a highly popular contraceptive device for millions of women across the US, NuvaRing is not without serious side effects, which have already caused thousands of women considerable pain and suffering and which may be irreversible. Some of the mild to serious complications this product has are:

  • headaches
  • weight gain
  • nausea
  • vaginal infection
  • clotting in the eye’s blood vessels (which can result in vision problems)
  • blood clots in the legs (which, if it goes to the lungs, will result to severe risk)
  • high blood pressure
  • stroke / heart attack
  • breast cancer
  • gallbladder disease

About a thousand lawsuits have already been filed by women who have been affected by the side effects NuvaRing has. Though the sad reality is that there may be no solution that can restore these women’s good health, the amount of financial compensation they may be able to receive can at least be of help to see to their continuous medication and to cover for whatever financial losses they may have been, and will still be, faced with.

The effects of NuvaRing are serious. Despite this, its manufacturer continues to endorse and sell it as a safe birth control product. You can help stop other women from being harmed by this supposedly safe birth control device by filing a NuvaRing lawsuit. Lawyers tasked to handle this particular lawsuit know and understand the sensitivity of the matter behind this case. You can be assured of their professionalism and dedication in representing you and in fighting for your best interests and rights.  

NuvaRing: Its Design and Use  

After it was made available in the US market in 2001, NuvaRing quickly gained popularity among millions of women. This small flexible ring was originally manufactured by the Netherlands company Organon Pharmaceuticals. Organon was absorbed by Schering Plough in 2007. Tthen, in 2009, a merger between Merck and Schering took place, putting NuvaRing under Merck’s products list.

NuvaRing is designed to release into the user’s bloodstream controlled quantities of the estrogen Ethinyl Estradiol and the progestin Etonogestrel. Ethinyl Estradiol, or simply EE, is an artificial form of estrogen (the female’s main sex hormone) that is typically combined with a progestin; it is used mainly in different hormonal birth control products. Etonogestrel, on the other hand, is one type of a third-generation progestin, called Desogestrel. Higher chances of strokes, heart attacks, blood clots and other complications have actually been seen in contraceptives containing Desogestrel. In 2007 a move was made by Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy group, requesting the US FDA to forbid the sale and use of Desogestrel-enhanced oral birth control pills.


How Immigrants Help Businesses

Immigrants have always made important contributions to life in the United States. Immigration policy has been a hot topic of debate for more than a decade now. It’s an incredibly complicated issue, with more estimates of undocumented immigrants soaring over 11 million.

immigrationCurrent immigration debates are focusing on how the U.S. can keep talented immigrants, such as those who graduate from stateside universities with highly technical degrees, in the country instead of deporting them back to their homelands once their study visas expire.

It has been clearly shown that immigrants are contributing greatly to innovation and the economy. In 2011, more than 75% of the patents awarded in the U.S.’s 10 schools that receive the most patents had a foreign born inventor. Immigrants are also more likely than nationals to make an attempt at starting a business. A study by The Partnership for a New American Economy claims that more than 40% of Fortune 500 companies, including eBay, Intel, and Google, were started by immigrants or their children.

The way immigration laws are currently set up leads to many talented foreigners being kicked out of the country once they finish their schooling. This forces them to live elsewhere and compete with the United States. Retaining brilliant foreign individuals who worked hard and earned advanced degrees can only help.

A Helpful Guide to Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy when debts become unmanageable is one important way in which a person can regain control of their financial life. Bankruptcy is one of the fastest legal solutions to save yourself from creditors and their various tactics in harassing you to pay what you owe. They will hound you through endless phone calls at home and at the office, notice of eviction and notices from law firms; they can even have a part or your full wages garnished (withheld for payment to creditors directly or through the court) or your bank account levied (frozen and seized).

Many debtors facing such a situation understandably become stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious. Fortunately, after speaking with a professional who is knowledgeable about bankruptcy, such as a bankruptcy lawyer, a debtor can evaluate their situation and options in order to formulate a plan to alleviate their financial problems. In this situation, bankruptcy is often a beneficial option.  Depending on the party filing for bankruptcy, one of the many forms of bankruptcy may be more applicable or beneficial than another. The major forms of bankruptcy include:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

Once a party files for bankruptcy, one immediate benefit they will typically receive is the automatic stay which will automatically stop any lawsuit filed against you by your creditor, the garnishment of your wages and other forms of harassment, and collection by your creditor. Bankruptcy can also discharge some or all of your debts.

Opting for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

While Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often a popular choice of bankruptcy for debtors as it eliminates many of their debts, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a beneficial alternative, as it lets you keep all of your properties while your debts are restructured for a single monthly payment. This restructuring is intended to enable you to make affordable payments over a period of 3 to 5 years. After continuous payment for 5 years, whatever remaining balance there still is could potentially be discharged.

As Chapter 13 bankruptcy also eliminates further interests and penalties on debts, it definitely can serve as the best solution to a worry-free and controlled financial life again.