Beating the System: Claiming Against Your Insurance Company

Smith Kendall LawInsurance is your shield against the unexpected: accidents, natural disasters, fire, and so on. Insurance companies are not in the business of protecting their insured however, they are in the business of making money.

If you have ever heard of actuarial tables, then you’ll know that the premiums you pay are based on the the fact that that there is only a small possibility that you will ever make a claim. When an insured party makes a claim, that person is disrupting the business model of the provider and insurers will do everything they can to keep your money in their coffers.

How do they do this? They make it hard for you to make a claim by enacting the 3-D strategy: deny, delay and defend. First they deny your claim, and then they delay any progress by giving you the run-around hoping you’ll just give up, and then when an action is brought against them, they stick to their guns and defend their position.

Beat them at their own game

If this situation sounds familiar, then you have to do some strategizing of your own. There are some things you can do right away to streamline the claim process and increase your chances of recovering an award.

First, take notes. Document every conversation, email, letter, and form that crosses your table complete with details such as the contact person, dates and circumstances. If you are already lost in the middle of the process, try to recall everything you can from the start of the process to the point you are now in and write it down.

Next, get together all previous records you have regarding your insurance, including a copy of your policy, your receipts, communications, statements of accounts, and whatever else you have. In the meantime, if you can afford it, continue to undertake repairing the damage that has been done, whether to your property or person.

Finally, get in touch with insurance claims attorneys. Speaking to an individual who is well experienced with this subject may be of benefit for your situation. The time and money you will save from trying to get your insurer to pay up is better spent in engaging a qualified lawyer who is experienced in insurance claim cases and who has experience taking action against insurance companies engaging in bad faith practices.


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